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50 Books Sold! 👀

I can't believe it, but thanks to all you lovely readers, friends, and family, through pre-orders, and Amazon purchases, I was able to sell 50 copies of my book! T _ T AHHHH! As a new author I estimated I would only sell 10, so to have sold this many, and this fast, is such a wonderfully unexpected surprise! I even managed to reach the top 100 best sellers in 3 categories on Amazon! Thank you all sooooo much!

For those of you who bought the book, I'd love to see a picture of YOUR EYES on Al Eyes when you receive it! If you use the #AlEyes👀 on your post, I'll be sure to keep an eye out. 😉

And if you missed out on the free book merch, I have a limited number left! Just fill out this form and attach a screenshot of your purchase and I'll send some your way!

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