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My First Book is in the Books!

Okay, now that I’ve had some time to collect my thoughts about publishing my very first novel, "Al Eyes,” (AHHH WHAT?!) here they are!

It still doesn’t feel real. I worked on this book for 3 years and the emotion I feel the most right now is relief. Relief that all my hard work is finally tangible, outside of my head on paper, printed, and available to be shared with the world. There were so many things I had to research that I didn’t even know I needed to research until I was sock-drenched in my decision to self-publish. It was overwhelming, to say the least, but I’m so glad I did. Everything, from the cover design, down to the size and font of the page numbers, I got to make the final call. That makes me feel like this book truly represents me, a book I would want to read if I saw it on the shelf, a book I am proud to literally attach my face to. I am also excited! Excited for others to interact with a world and characters I have held dearly for so long, to learn what resonates with readers, what doesn’t, who their favorite character is, and which ones they’d like to punch in the face. Acting and writing are very similar in the fact that their very nature is to connect to other humans you can’t see, might never see, using real emotions. Like all art, these mediums offer a way for us to express the human condition that is both mysterious and yet at the same time mysteriously understood. There is truly something magical about that.

Writing this story began with a desire to accomplish a goal I had set for myself when I was 13–to publish at least one book in my lifetime, but it mysteriously ended up being a way for younger me to heal, to call back all the broken pieces of myself I had lost and give them a place to rest. There is something magical about that too.

I have sold 42 books so far, which is 41 more than I ever thought I would sell. Thank you all so much for believing in me and this book. I truly hope you enjoy your journey through its pages.

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